DJP Design

Internet and Graphic Design for All Your Needs

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DJP Design provides Website Design and Development, Graphic Design and Illustrations services to small businesses,  organizations, and entrepreneurs. We apply 25+ years experience, as well as a knowledge in both design and branding, to produce results that helps grow your business, increase sales, and launch new products.

Some of my clients have included Disney, MGM, Sony, Universal Studios, Genotech, Vivendi, Wells Fargo, Scotia Bank, Support The Cure, U.S. Capital Export, Global Equity Organization, Cars Direct, Your #1 Fan, as well as many film actors and productions. 

DJP Design’s main goal is creating unique marketing materials that fit your companies branding and target audience. I also work weeknights and weekends and are am goal oriented. I pride myself in finishing projects on-time, giving my clients the time to do their last minute edits before the project goes Online or sent to the printers. I am here to help you achieve your vision.


Q What are you costs?

Depends on whether I am designing a website or creating graphics and/or illustrations. My price ranges from $20 - $50 hr. Feel free to contact me for a more specific quote. I also do a package deal and try to keep my fees as low as possible.